April Birthstone: Diamonds


While you may start the month out by being pranked or even have some tricks of your own up your sleeve, there is one thing that none of us are being fooled on this April 1st, and that is the true magnificence of the April birthstone, the diamond. Diamonds… there is something special about just saying the word, let alone wearing the stone. Whether you are young, old, married or single, diamonds really are a girl’s best friend – when you are wearing a diamond on your ring finger or it is laying delicately on your chest, there is a special sort of feeling you get when you walk past the mirror and catch a glimpse of that special shine; a feeling that no other gemstone or person can bring.


Hard as a Rock.

… Literally. Pure diamonds are 58 times harder than any other structure found in nature and can only be cut by another diamond. The formation of these tough gemstones is no easy task and they were not made overnight, to say the least. Diamonds are formed in the Earth’s mantle nearly 90 miles below the surface where temperatures are landing around 2000 degrees Fahrenheit (Geology.com) and the pressures are exceeding 65,000 times of the Earth’s atmosphere at the surface. Composed solely of carbon, the “foundational element of life,” this special gemstone is perfect in structure and has, rightfully so, earned the reputation of the king of gems (Crystal Vaults). The Greeks had the honor of naming the diamond with great intention - the word is comprised of adamas, meaning unbreakable, and diaphanus, meaning transparent.

An Evolution of Value.

While the oldest diamonds are believed to have been formed a whopping 900 million years ago, the earliest documented findings date back to India in 4th century BC. During this time diamonds were esteemed because of their durability and brilliance and had a variety of uses; they were worn as ornaments, handled as a cutting tool, used by talisman to deflect evil and worn in battle for protection. The elite love for diamonds in India eventually spread into Europe and by the 1400s was a sought-after stone for the wealthy. However, the diamond ring as we know it today, linked to the engagement ritual, only evolved quite recently, when De Beers Consolidated Mines of South Africa began a marketing campaign in 1947 stating, “A diamond is forever” (Brilliance.com).


Positive Vibes, Positively Beautiful.

These beautiful and pure gemstones are conductors and magnifiers of energy - be sure to stay positive while wearing diamonds to increase positivity from those around you and to emit empowerment. As a symbol of purity, the white light that emits from a diamond helps to bring cohesiveness to our lives and clarity to our relationships. Being the tough gemstone that it is, the diamond will also bring endurance and strengthening energy to your life, as long as it is worn with a positive mind – but be aware, the aura is so strong in a diamond that it will increase a negative energy too, so remain conscious of keeping out the bad vibes! (Charmsoflight.com). 

Exquisite, Everlasting, Eternal.

Whether you are getting engaged or treating yourself to some bling, there is no arguing that the diamond represents eternal love, beauty and class. If you need some transparency in your life or if you just need a little sparkle, the April birthstone is the perfect match for any of us. A great example, seen above, is our 20k Diamond drape necklace available at Elyse Walker in Newport Beach, CA. Just remember to keep it positive, and the diamonds will work for you!