Behind the Scenes at the Den

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As a team of passionate jewelry designers, and lovers of all things beautiful, we are often told that we have "the coolest jobs" in the world. We couldn't agree more. We know that we're lucky! But, what is it actually like to live the life of a jewelry designer? What does it take to create a functional working environment that allows us to do what we do?


The key is to create an inviting space that's a combination of beautiful, inspirational, practical and comfortable. You want your workspace to be functional and fashionable. 


With this in mind, Designer Dakota Badia and Photographer + Jack-of-All-Trades Leyla Torre of Buddha Mama shares a behind the scenes look at the Den to give you an inside peek at what daily life is like for a premium handmade jewelry designer. If you're an aspiring jewelry designer, or you just happen to love our jewelry and want to learn more about how our jewelry is made, the images below may just answer some of your questions about the realities of life at Buddha Mama. 

behind-the-scenes-1.jpgWelcome to the Den! 

Have a seat. Somebody will be with you in just a minute...

Lounge on lounge on lounge. 

What's your poison? 

We are aable to play hard because we work so hard...

It's break time! 

"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without."

That's all folks! 

The Den is our personal space to collaborate and create all of the jewelry that we are proud to share with you. For a daily look at what life at Buddha Mama is like, be sure to follow us on Instagram. Be sure to comment and give us a shout out if you see a design you like or if you're inspired by any content we post.