Get Your Sweetheart to Buy What You Really Want


Didn’t get exactly what you were hoping for this Valentine’s Day? What you need to do is to convince your partner to double down and get you something that you really want. That’s because there is ALWAYS room for improvement, no matter what your beau got. Plus, a little training can go a long way. With this in mind, here are a few gift ideas for next time, along with a few pointers on how to actually get them.  

Make a deal.

Sure, this one might seem a little shallow, but who cares if it gets you what you want? I think we can (quickly) get over it. Has he been hinting to a boy’s hunting trip that you have been resistant to? Let him know that you really want him to enjoy his rustic, beer-drinking weekend, but that you deserve a little something too. And by a little something, we mean being treated at your favorite spa - like the Standard Hotel in Miami. Relationships are about balancing the give and take after all, right?  


A Trip for Two

Experiences last a lifetime, and it is easier to convince your partner to buy you a gift that he will reap the benefits of too. Let your partner know how much they mean to you by suggesting a weekend away:  just you two, the sunset and some fine wine. Take a look at Luxury Link – from Napa to Bordeaux, this site finds you the best romantic getaways in the finest wine regions around the world. Try emphasizing that you are craving some alone time where you can let loose and be intimate without any distractions – there is nothing wrong with bringing out your inner-sexy in order to get that trip booked!

Wish lists aren’t just for Santa.

Just because we don’t believe in Santa anymore doesn’t mean we are too old for a wish list. Some men are truly lacking in the gifting department (they will admit this themselves) and will actually appreciate some options on what to get you for your next birthday or holiday. Whether it’s this all-natural Palo Santo Beeswax Candle, or this boss-lady dress by Suno, let him know what you’ve been ogling over rather than sneaking to make returns when he isn’t looking.  


Not so subtle hints.  

Have you been eyeing a piece of jewelry for months now? Perhaps the 20K Lantern Arch Necklace by Buddha Mama? What if you printed a picture of your prized desire and “accidentally” leave it on his desk or on the coffee table – if he asks you what it’s for, let him know that it is something you’ve really wanted for a while now, but that you didn’t want to spend the money on something for yourself. This will let him know how much you want it, remind him that you have been practicing good spending habits and hopefully convince him that you deserve to be showered in beautiful things.  

The bottom line? You deserve nice things and are worthy of top notch gifts from your partner. You are the rock to this relationship (and deserve a nice rock to wear once in awhile too) - don’t be afraid to ask for what you want!