Here Is Everything You’ll Need For A Fun And Successful Road Trip

Are you planning on taking a road trip sometime in the near future? Lucky you! We think that heading out on your very own adventurous road trip is an ideal way to enjoy a long, holiday weekend - like Labor Day or Memorial Day - and to experience some of the amazing sights our beautiful country has to offer.

With this in mind, here are six quick tips to help you get started planning your very own Great American Road Trip. Then, we get into more of the nitty gritty to ensure that your adventure goes smoothly down below.

  1. Go and get your car serviced.
  2. Kick back and try to take it easy, the journey is what it’s all about.
  3. Combat motion sickness and fight boredom with some of these reliable distractions.
  4. Create a plan, but don’t be completely stubborn with it.
  5. Carry cash for the tolls, for any emergencies, and for Mexico*.
  6. Take lots of pictures and be sure to share so family and friends are reassured that you are safe and having a great time.


Are We There Yet?

Properly planning to fight the inevitable feeling of boredom can make or break your road trip. That’s because the excitement after you initially head out can sometimes quickly wear off and the time between pit stops will start to seem longer and longer. Load up on some binge-worthy podcasts, create some universal and timeless playlists and remember to pack a power inverter (which will convert your car’s 12-volt round-plug outlet into a three-prong outlet), then grab a USB car charger for phones and tablets. 

Which Exit?

If you’re still undecided on where exactly you’re traveling to, we’ve put together a list of some of the best highways in the United States of America that you can include on your road trip. Safe travels!

  1. State Route 1 (PCH) - California  
  2. Route 17 - South Carolina & Georgia   
  3. Overseas Highway - Florida   
  4. Kancamagus Highway - New Hampshire
  5. Blue Ridge Parkway - Virginia   
  6. Grand Mesa Scenic Byway - Colorado
  7. Route 131 - Vermont
  8. U.S. Route 101 - Oregon
  9. Denali Park Road - Alaska
  10. Dinosaur Diamond Prehistoric Highway - Utah
  11. Mexican Federal Highway 1 - Baja Mexico* 


Who’s Hungry?  

Unless you want to be eating fast food for days on end, you will need to pack a reliable cooler that will keep your drinks and snacks cool between larger meal stops. Buy a pack of water bottles and stock up on some car-friendly foods and energy bars. Lastly, prepare for any food messes with by keeping a stock of wet wipes and a roll of paper towels handy.

Don’t Forget...

You can’t plan for every bump in the road, but you can make sure you are prepared for some of the worst of them. Before you set out, stock your car with a first aid kit, a flashlight and a multi-tool. While a set of jumper cables will help in a pinch, a portable jump starter is better because it won’t require an additional car to operate and will be much faster and easier to use. Our Cuba pendant always reminds us of the amazing adventures we've taken and makes us look forward to many upcoming exciting experiences. Check out our Instagram to join us on some of the upcoming travels we have planned!