June Birthstone: Moonstone


The Moonstone is a distinctive gemstone and has a fascinating history that can be traced back nearly 2,000 years to Ancient Rome. Apparently the well-known Roman historian, Pliny, provided the name for the Moonstone. A website called Connoisseurs states that, “Moonstone’s shimmery appearance shifted with the phases of the moon.”

The Romans and many others highly regarded the Moonstone as a special gemstone. We love the Moonstone because, as its name implies, this gemstone evokes a compelling sense of lunar mystery and is uniquely fascinating because of its ability to play with light - a trait called “adularescence.”

Currently, the Moonstone is designated as the official gemstone for the state of Florida! It was honored as such in recognition of the Moon landings, due to the fact that the rockets originally took off from Kennedy Space Center in the Sunshine State. On the Wikipedia page for Moonstone, it states that “Despite it being the Florida State Gemstone, it does not naturally occur in the state.”


So, where can one find Moonstone?

These special gemstones are found in mines in the United States, as well as in Brazil, India, Sri Lanka and Madagascar. The stone can vary widely depending on where it is mined, and obviously there are many colors and variations available. For example, Moonstone can be almost white or transparent, which pairs well with pearls. There are also darker colored Moonstones that would certainly pair well with white or colored diamonds.

Furthermore, the American Gem Society explains that, “Like diamonds and other gems, Moonstones are assessed by the 4Cs: color, clarity, cut and carat weight.” The AGS continues, by stating that, “June is one of only two months that has three birthstones associated with it.” The other birthstones for June are alexandrite and pearl. Although, Moonstone is still popular and accessible today, and has been valued for centuries. It’s the preferred June birthstone, over pearl and alexandrite, in parts of the world like Germany and Scandinavia.

Well, why are Moonstones so popular?

As one may imagine, the Moonstone is widely thought of as a treatment for insomnia and sleepwalking. The Moonstone is also thought to encourage sound sleep and create beneficial dreams. It’s no wonder then that there are people who know the Moonstone by a different name - the Traveler’s Stone. The Traveler’s Stone, as its name implies, is believed to protect travelers at night.

In Ancient Rome, the Moonstone was considered sacred and could provide the wearer with intelligence and a sense of understanding. Some even believed that wearing the Moonstone could make the wearer invisible!

In India, the Moonstone was and is still considered to be a sacred stone. Consequently, you will often see a Moonstone displayed prominently on a yellow cloth - yellow being considered a sacred color by some people in India. Furthermore, the Indians continue to believe that possessing a Moonstone can bring good fortune.


How can I get my hands on Moonstone?

Whether you are celebrating a June birthday, honoring Florida’s state gemstone or if you simply feel compelled to tap into the Moonstone’s magical lunar powers, a fine piece of jewelry featuring Moonstone can make for a very “luminous” gift. Our 20K MOONSTONE MARQUISE RING SET WITH DIAMONDS AND BLUE SAPPHIRES is a great example. Head to our website for more details!