March Birthstone:  Aquamarine


If you’ve had a few stressful months or winter has finally taken its toll, you may want to consider splashing yourself with some aquamarine.  The birthstone for March emits a sense of serenity and calmness with its tranquil hues of blues and greens and is the perfect accent piece to your spring wardrobe.  It is no surprise that its organic association with the sea has kept this gem washing up on the shores of popularity for centuries.  

Because size matters.

For statement pieces, that is.  In its natural state, aquamarine forms in large six-sided crystals that are known to be a foot long – this makes the stone perfect for cutting and polishing into dramatic sized carats that everyone notices when you walk in the room.  The largest stone to be documented, weighing in at a whopping 240 pounds, was found in Brazil, where it is most commonly mined, and was cut into smaller stones producing over 200,000 carats.  It can also be naturally found in Nigeria, Madagascar, Zambia, Pakistan and Mozambique (American Gem Society).  Aquamarine is most popularly sold in an emerald cut but can range in uniqueness as it can be easily shaped. 


The heart of the sea.

In the middle ages the Romans fell in love with this gemstone, gifting it the Latin name of aquamarine, meaning water (aqua) and sea (marina) because of its breathtaking color and resemblance of the vast open waters.  They believed that the stone was sacred to the Roman god of the sea, Neptune, and that it was a protector of sailors providing safe voyages and shelter from sea monsters.  They also believed that by simply wearing it they could be cured of poisoning and strangely, that if they wore a piece of aquamarine jewelry with the shape of a frog carved into it, that it would help to reconcile broken relationships and open new friendships (EarthSky).  The Sumerians and Egyptians covered their warriors in the stone to bring victory to their battles.   Others saw it as a symbol of eternal youth and joy and literature from the Middle Ages even portrayed the gemstone as an oracle for fortune telling.  


Waves of healing power.  

Today aquamarine is still considered to have immense healing powers.  Related to the throat chakra, this gemstone can be used to help counter a fear of public speaking and brings full awareness and articulation to speakers in general, making it a great gift for someone who speaks on a daily basis or as a good luck charm for someone that is anticipating a nerve wrecking speech.  Staying true to its ancient uses, aquamarine is still known for its power to enhance compromise and negotiation, providing reasonable outcomes during confrontation between friends.  And of course, its connection to the sea can never be forgotten; this gemstone should be worn by those who need protection at sea or to help in overcoming a fear of water or those travelling long voyages in general.   

BMJ 01117_GROUP_01_Blue Buddha_RGB.jpg

The gift of the sea.  

Aquamarine is a thoughtful gift for your March-born friend, or someone who can use a little more tranquility in their life. Our 20k one of a kind Aquamarine Buddha pendant set with Diamonds and pink Sapphires, available at Neiman Marcus Scottsdale, is a perfect example. But, keep in mind that, similar to a diamond, the three Cs are important when purchasing aquamarine: color, clarity and carat. Furthermore, due to its striking resemblance of water and being able to see through it, the cut is very important to the overall appearance of the stone. As always, whether you go for a that large statement piece or something a bit more subtle, wear it with gratitude and you will be sure to feel the calmness as you embrace your inner mermaid.