May Birthstone:  Emerald

As we move through the heart of the spring season we notice beautiful changes around us; flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, the overall energy around us is thriving. The green grass that is sprouting is a reminder that each year we have the opportunity to grow and to change, and it is no coincidence that the May birthstone is the exquisite deep green emerald, another reminder that no matter what the past, greener pastures are still to come.  


Beryl’s of beauty.

Belonging to the beryl family, emeralds are the most valuable and precious stones of this group (no offense, aquamarine). Like other beryl stones, emerald grows with six sides, falls between a 7.5 and 8 on the Mohs scale and is composed of aluminum and beryllium silicates - but it is the rich green hues that sets this stone apart and gives it such high prestige. In fact, emeralds are typically the least transparent and have the most inclusions of all beryls – the French refer to these inclusions as “jardin” due to their resemblance of foliage (About Birthstones) and the Egyptians had a tradition of carving their sign for foliage into the stone as a symbol for eternal youth.  

The grass has always been greener (on the emerald side).

… Or at least for an estimated 2.97 billion years, which is when some estimate that emeralds were first mined (American Gem Society). In 330 BC the Egyptians grew an appreciation for the emerald, with the most famous love affair between the stone and Cleopatra.  She truly cherished the green beauties and claimed ownership of all Egyptian emerald mines throughout her reign. The stones were used by the Egyptians in jewelry and in their extravagant burials for monarchs as a symbol of protection and eternity in their afterlife. The Spanish Conquistadors were awed to find the native people decorated in large cuts of emerald in the sixteenth century and graciously helped themselves to their jewels and mines. It took a few more decades until they discovered the massive supply of emeralds held by the Muzo Indans in Colombia (as we know it today), which remains the home of today’s most valuable emeralds on the planet. According to Vogue, the Spanish were more interested in gold and silver and used this newfound source of gems as a means to trade for precious metals, spreading the majestic stones to Europe and Asia and giving them an even greater level of royal admiration in those regions.  

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The Stone of Successful Love.

The emerald is known for its abilities to encourage growth and to establish patience between two people. It should comes as no surprise then that its nickname is the “anniversary stone”. Furthermore, as a crystal of the heart, emeralds have the power to relieve emotional stress by bringing an aura of hopeful energy and calmness to its wearer. The emerald provides strength in overcoming tough times by eliminating negative energies of victimization and replacing it with personal strength; it is a stone of rebirth, recovery and regeneration (Crystal Vaults). 

So whether you are born in May, going through a tough time, looking for strength in your relationship or just enjoy a little green glam in your life, the transcendent emerald has something to offer for everyone. Wear it with openness, and let the gemstone work its magic on your very beautiful and bright heart chakra.