Buddha Mama Jewelry Inspired by the New "Beauty and the Beast"



Although we are making great strides as women, our little girls are still being hammered with the idea that they should dress and act like a princess, when really, we know the true beastly potential they have to rock and rule this world. Here at Buddha Mama we have been so excited about the comeback of Beauty and the Beast, particularly to see Emma Watson knock it out of the park in her role as Belle.  It is truly refreshing to see a princess who is beautiful both on the inside and outside and is not afraid to stand up to a man (sorry guys, but this one is definitely a shout out to the ladies). The new release of this Disney classic mythology story has inspired us as women, as we look at the world and obviously, as we have been designing jewelry for you! 


True beauty comes from within.

So what does beautiful even mean? Is it the woman on the front of Vogue? The red carpet movie stars? The pilates instructor with the chizzled bod? Sure, these figures are nice to look at, but what’s inside? In our eyes, beautiful people are the ones that are making this world a better place; the ones who have empathy for others and are kind to all people. Beauty to us is the person that can be in a not-so-great situation but still have a smile on their face and has not become jaded by the ways of the world. Our 20K Lotus crystal dome ring set (pictured above) is inspired by just that; the lotus flower represents the notion that there is beauty everywhere, as long as we are looking for it. The lotus flower emerges in the midst of muddy and swampy waters reminding us that no matter what the situation, we should always try to find the silver lining.  


Believe in magic.

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” – Roald Dahl.

From the enchanted rose to the charmed mirror, or simply falling in love, Belle reminds us that our world still is magical and there are great things happening around us - but we first must believe! Sure, we may be slightly outgrown of magic shows, but we are never too old to believe in the magic of the universe and the good people we surround ourselves with. Our newest drape necklace (pictured above), delicately strewn with paraiba, tanzanite and diamonds is the mystical inspired piece from our Beauty and the Beast buzz that we have going. In the world of gemology, tanzanite is referred to as the “stone of magic” as it helps to bring its wearer a heightened spiritual awareness. Tanzanite is also great for enhancing poise and harmony, the characteristics that Emma Watson conveyed so elegantly for us all (www.crystalsandjewelry.com).  


Love is more powerful than hate.  

Above all things right now our world needs some more loving, and we are firm believers that love is more powerful than hate. Our lemon citrine ring set (pictured above) is the perfect piece to give you the boost of positivity and strength to push through the sometimes daunting world that we find ourselves in. Citrine helps us to stimulate the chakras of sunlight allowing us to be the ray of light that we need to help spread positivity and love. Be the change that you want to see – bring out your inner-Belle and do not be succumbed by negativity.