Where Do We Get Our Stones?




 At Buddha Mama, we are passionate about gemstones. Gems of all kinds, from Rose Quartz to Rubies to Emeralds, and everything in between. We love the fact that every stone has a story. Consequently, we understand that certain stones can become ultra-trendy, but styles come and go. Over time, certain stones have stood out as maintaining a certain level of popularity. These are the stones that we look for when we are sourcing stones for our jewelry.

All of our jewelry designs are inspired by Buddhism and Eastern traditions. And, we expend a lot of effort, time, and sanity to source the most beautiful stones possible. Consequently, we get our stones from places that range from India to Arizona, and everywhere in between. With this in mind, we wanted to share a few specific sources of where we get our gemstones. Check out the graphic below to read some fun facts about some of the gemstones we use in our jewelery.